Cape Boat and Ski Boat Club is one of the oldest fishing clubs in our country and has pioneered the development and implimentation of the rules and regulation now accepted as standards in the industry. With over 50 years of experience and support we remain the fore runner in our sport.

* Installed and maintained Cape Point Lighthouse
Radio communications.
* 29 Meg radio communicatios on boats.
* 71 Meg VHS Radio channel for boats at sea
* Safety certificates for boats
* Designed and organised commercial manufacture of ski-boat aerials. (Now used countrywide.)
* WP Inshore and Offshore Leagues
* WP Inshore and Offshore Rules.
* Yellow capsize bottle with safety equipment.
* Capsize Rope – Enforced by CBSC – invented by Major Dougie van der Riet.
* CBSC First club in WP to enforce skipper‟s tickets.
* CBSC First club in WP to enforce boat numbers. (WP 1 Blue Peter)
* Boat Trailer identification name plates.
* The Dept. of Transport altered the Merchant Shipping Act, to accept CBSC safety rules on 20/12/1985. This was confirmed by Parliament (Gov. Gaz. No. 3908).
* CBSC is the only club, countrywide, to design and build its own slipway, breakwater and jetties.
* Tag & Release (Inshore)
* Offshore Inter-Provincial
* CatchReport National Recreational Database.


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